Yamaha Zuma Minarelli Yasuni Axial Variator

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High end axial variator for Yamaha Zuma, BW's, Booster, Jog, Aerox, F12, etc. Basically most common scooters powered by the Vertical or Horizontal Minarelli engine. 

The weights look like little beans and that is neat. 

From Yasuni:

YASUNI has invented, created and patented a real automatic transmission system, not just a variator. With the Axial variator, the rider is the true master of the drive, the throttle controls are transferred directly to the wheel, which allows the best performance for the engine.

Construction: CNC machined 6000 series aluminium body with ceramic coating. We use stainless steel for the ramp, to reduce friction we have incorporated an exclusive and patented fibre centre ring: the B32. The sliding pins are made of high tech plastic with molybdenum.

Product features:

-The Axial transmission is the only one capable of increasing performance in ALL engine ranges.
- Better acceleration than any other on the market.
- Shorter first gear. Provides greater safety when exiting traffic lights and merging.
- More boost, up to 25% more, and recovery in the mid-range. This means greater safety when overtaking.
- Higher top speed.
- Better deceleration, engine braking effect.
- Maximum optimisation of engine performance and reduced fuel consumption.
- Better throttle feel and much faster response.
- Smoother and more efficient driving.
- High durability, low maintenance, superior performance and better motorbike handling.