Yamaha Zuma Minarelli Malossi Over Range Transmission Kit

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Malossi Over Range transmission kit for Minarelli powered scooters like the Zuma, Jog, Malaguti F12, and more. 

This setup completely replaces both pulleys in the variated transmission for more overall travel. Some modifications to the cases may be necessary due to the larger diameter. Includes new front variator, new rear pulley, contra spring, and belt. This kit does not include the recommended clutch or clutch bell. 

Malossi part number 6112811

From Malossi themselves- 

"OVER RANGE" Malossi transmission system

This new transmission system takes full advantage of the Malossi components already on sale last year, by adding several new parts that make the entire system particularly suited to the enormous power available. This latest system hinges on the new Fixed Pulley of the torque driver that has a larger diameter and the very latest specifications. The larger diameter of this pulley allows one to have a greater velocity-ratio range compared to the original pulley that has a notably smaller external diameter.

Malossi engineers have also taken particular care in realising this pulley right down to the smallest detail, using special materials and a particular type of thermochemical treatment that ensures exceptional surface hardness and therefore excellent wear and abrasion resistance. This new fixed pulley has been designed to offer perfect running if coupled to the Malossi Torque Driver that is already available and has the same diameter as the fixed pulley itself. In order to fully exploit the range of the new torque driver unit and the power ratings currently offered by competition machines, a new notched K Belt has been introduced with larger section and revised length to ensure maximum performance under all running conditions.

To complete the renewal of the transmission system and take full advantage of its exceptional specifications, the Multivar variable-speed drive has also been upgraded by fitting it with new tracks for the rollers and a new hub. This new variable-speed drive represents the evolution of the previous generations, the result of many years experience on the race circuit and the currently available CAD-CAM technology that allows top-level specifications to be obtained.

The whole completion of the OVER RANGE system is given by the patented adjustable clutch Delta Clutch and the Malossi reinforced clutch cap Wing Clutch Bell.