Yamaha Horizontal Minarelli Malossi MHR Team 2 Race Exhaust

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Malossi MHR TEAM 2 race exhaust for scooters powered by the Horizontal Minarelli engine. This pipe should only be paired with proper 70+cc tuned cylinder kits. This is not a street exhaust.

Malossi part number 3219491


From Malossi themselves:

Thanks to careful bench tests as well as the hard work done during the racing season, Malossi technicians managed to achieve a further performance increase, thus improving power and torque: as a result, the new MHR II exhaust systems were born, a further evolution of their previous versions!

The new exhaust for 70cc engine in the different categories can be recognized thanks to the brand mark with the lion and the MHR sign.

It has been greatly changed in all its measures. From an aesthetic point of view, perhaps it is not possible to realize the efforts and the research of our technicians in order to gain a great increase in torque and in acceleration as well, to have a stronger engine both at low and high speed and to achieve a power increase of about a half HP: about 6 tenths of maximum power!


Technical features

EXHAUST in special sheet steel (0.8/0.10 mm thickness), manufactured using robotic T.I.G.and M.I.G. welding and manual torch welding with oxy-acetaline, artiginally peened. Clear coat finish.

SILENCER in aluminum.