Yamaha Horizontal Minarelli Athena Racing Corsa Crankshaft - 10mm

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Athena Racing Corsa crankshaft for Horizontal Minarelli powered scooters like the Yamaha Jog, Aerox, etc

This is the 10mm wrist pin version. 

From Athena themselves: 

The Racing Corsa Crankshaft and 10mm Pin is one of the fundamental components for transmitting motion: its design and production must be carefully cared for to guarantee maximum performance and reliability.

The new Racing Horizontal Minarelli Crankshaft is the result of studies and tests carried out by Athena's Technical and R&D Office, to obtain greater resistance under stressful working conditions, even in the most intensive uses. Forged in 18NiCrMo5 steel with a high breaking load, this crankshaft has been redesigned with aluminum inserts and lightened in weight, allowing for improved balance (over 16,000 rpm). In addition, vibrations have been eliminated in favor of increased longevity of the bearing shells, shims, and thermal part. The crankshaft is perfectly matched to Athena's racing cylinder kits.

The racing crankshaft is available with a connecting rod foot hole for either a 10mm or 12mm pin, and comes with special bearing cage.

Even the connecting rod has been redesigned, with an H shape and forged in 18NiCrMo5 steel, increasing its resistance and flexibility compared to those currently on the market.

All components are tested and approved after a series of endurance tests to complete a racing and high-quality product.

Athena part number S410485320006