Yamaha DT50LC Parmakit 70cc Cylinder Kit

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45mm aluminum cylinder kit by Parmakit. 70cc of displacement to wake up your Yamaha dt50lc. Aggressive port work out of the box should ensure your dt50 keeps the front wheel off the ground. 

Please note- this is ONLY for dt50lc/dt50u with the Yamaha 17w engine. This does not fit the air-cooled engines found on dt50mx OR the Minarelli AM6 powered later Yamahas. If you exhaust is a screw on style- not for you. If your exhaust slips into the exhaust port- not for you. If the cylinder is pretty square with a bolt on exhaust- this is for you. If you're not sure, please email us and we can help you figure it out. 

Comes with a full top end gasket set, piston, rings, pin/clips, and cylinder. This does not come with a cylinder head so you'll have to run your stock one or machine it to match- not hard if you're crafty.