Vespa Simonini 82cc Complete Engine

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Oh wow!! A full Simonini setup for your Vespa moped! 

This thing is crazy. Its everything you need to go way too fast on a Vespa moped. Allegedly, this can crank out up to 16 horsepower at 13k rpm.

Giant pipe, big 21mm PHBG carburetor, 46mm stroker crankshaft, 47.6mm cylinder kit, 4 petal reed block, cdi, and reinforced single-speed clutch bell! It is a lot of dollars but if you start pricing what it would cost to build something comparable its a real savings. 

You will have to make modifications on your frame to fit this on your Vespa. This will not 'drop in' on any Vespa frame and will not fit Ciao frames at all. You will have to cut parts of your frame away to fit this engine. You should probably reinforce your frame after you cut parts away to ensure it is sturdy and safe. 

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