Vespa Malossi Wing Clutch Variated Clutch Bell

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Super high quality clutch bell from Malossi for Vespa/Piaggio mopeds with variated transmissions. 

Use this on Grande, Bravo, Si, Grillo, Boss or Ciao (again with variated transmission). 

Replaces your stock clutch bell and reuses your old starter shoes. This thing is nice!!

From Malossi themselves:

Interchangeable with the original bell.
Designed for maximum resistance with minimum weight.
Clutch Bell in deep-drawn steel, obtained by cold heading.
Central hub made from machine carbon steel billets with TIG welded filler material.
Finned carbon steel reinforcement ring obtained through chip removal, TIG welded.
Pins for starter shoes in carbon steel and studded.
Soft nitriding thermochemical treatment.

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