Vespa Malossi Over Range Racing Transmission Kit

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New racing transmission set for your Vespa/Piaggio moped! This setup is specifically designed for the Si, Boss, or Grillo models. No promises it will work on other Vespa mopeds. Definitely need some serious frame mods to get this on a Ciao and a different belt. 

This transmission kit requires the use of a rear variated transmission with Malossi gears already installed in order to accept the new input shaft. Also, there is no starter clutch. You will have to rig a pull start or drill start your bike. If you have a kickstart Vespa, lucky you!

Definitely a setup for experienced builders. 



  • Multivar MHR variator

This is the first time that Multivar MHR has been adopted on the moped scene!
Malossi has completely redesigned this variator:

New sliding rails
New adjuster spring
Longer hub

  • Torque Driver

This is the great novelty of this kit: the ability to house a true torque driver with double sliding rails to customize the gear curve as desired!

New pulley set, consisting of fixed and movable pulley with Ø increased from 100 to 110 mm
One-piece welded fixed and moving pulley with especially surface treated bushing

  • Fly Clutch

Ø 107 mm clutch, redesigned with new masses to adapt to the opposite direction of rotation.
The Malossi spring coupling allows operation at a predefined optimum RPM attack point.
Optional: 2 sets of springs are available to customize your vehicle.

  • Wing Clutch Bell

Reinforced clutch bell with a finned cooling ring, perfectly matched to the newly developed high-performance Fly Clutch. This is the only component common to the scooter.

  • Primary gear shaft

We went as far as modifying the primary gear shaft to accommodate a pulley and clutch/bell assembly derived from the scooter world.
Having become the connecting element between the newly designed components, this shaft has been reinforced with an increase in the shaft Ø to 13.5 and is supplied with a nut, oil seal and roller shell for mounting.

Attention: in order to fit the primary gear shaft included in the kit, it is necessary to have fitted Malossi primary gears art. 6718630 or 677021.



Malossi 6119262