Vespa Malossi MHR Racing Exhaust - 27mm

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New from Malossi, the MHR exhaust system. Designed to work with their BIG D.E.P.S. cylinder kit with 27mm exhaust flange. 

This pipe will interfere with everything so no side covers, no pedals, no pedal chain tensioner, no kickstand. These are for race bikes. 

From Malossi's product description: 

"The Moped Racing exhaust is an essential component in the development of the vehicle and has been specifically designed to give the engine an increase in power at medium to high speeds. It has a profile that allows it to be mounted on ALL Ciao, Bravo, Si, and Grillo mopeds and is designed to be used in conjunction with ALL aluminium Racing assemblies currently on sale. Created for the most extreme processing demands, it has a stroke with minimal losses that is truly enticing and is able to highlight the sporting nature of each vehicle. The generous dimensions and lengths reveal at a glance the potential of this system. The amazing results from our test bench reveal a terrifying increase in the torque curve and an improvement in the maximum power that has never been seen with any other moped exhaust!

Technical features


Designed to be assembled on all Ciao, Bravo, Si, and Grillo mopeds in conjunction with Malossi aluminium assemblies. Created from special steel plate (thickness 0.8 mm) using TIG and MIG robotic welding procedures and manual oxyacetylene, hand-crafted welding. Transparent finish.

Exhaust connection

Suitable for Malossi Moped thermal assemblies – flange with ears for anchoring support springs (drilling the cylinder fins to connect the springs is no longer required), and a profile created with high precision laser cutting and fitting with hole made with high precision CNC machines for optimal coupling with the exhaust pipe.


With a calibrated flow section to achieve the maximum available back pressure.


Made with anodised Nitro blue aluminium and the terminal pipe embedded in the base for a more attractive design.

Connection to exhaust system

Created using silentblock and spacers (when requested) that are secured directly to the chassis provides an extremely firm and stable fixture. As this is classified as an extreme system, minor changes to the chassis have to be made. A drilled hole to secure the silentblocks. The crankcase cover assembly cannot be fitted."