Vespa Malossi DEPS 47mm Bravo - 10 Pin

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This is potentially one of the coolest kits for any moped made. The 47mm BIG D.E.P.S. cylinder and head kit!!

Designed to work with the Malossi reed conversion cases and probably best paired with the 19 PHBG carburetor kit. 

This kit even included a screw-in exhaust nipple. This is a superior design to the cast style and is much stronger. It comes with the common standard size and a larger size for big pipes!

Split exhaust window and symmetrical transfers. Guaranteed to be a ripper!

Comes with cylinder, head, piston, rings, pin/clips, gasket set, decomp, exhaust nipples, and hardware. 

This is the 10mm pin version. Please pair this with a 10mm pin crankshaft. This is also the Bravo style head version so it will not fit a Ciao.