Vespa Malossi CDI Package

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WOW! Complete CDI package for Vespa Ciao, Bravo, Grande, SI, etc. 

What an upgrade. Nice CDI setup features a retarding CDI box, powerful 90 watt lighting coil, and of course a drastic weight reduction over the stock flywheel. This is the missing piece to almost an hot Vespa build. 

These are for the factory CDI cases, Malossi CDI cases, Polini CDI cases or any other case that will accept the FACTORY CDI. 

These will NOT fit your stock points cases or your kinetic cases!

Comes with instructions loaded with pictures. You'll still have to make modifications to your cases to clear the flywheel. We believe in you!

Comes with flywheel, stator, CDI box, plug boot, regulator, fan, assorted wiring, and a bag of miscellaneous hardware (not pictured).