Vespa Malossi 21mm Intake for MP-ONE Cases

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High quality intake kit for the Malossi MP-ONE crank cases. Designed for Dellorto 21mm PHBG carburetors. This intake is only for the Malossi cases. 


From Malossi themselves: 

Modular intake manifold assembly for housing a PHBG 21 carburetor composed of : Flange, made from solid 11S aluminum alloy, with elevated mechanical properties and designed to be coupled to Malossi crankcases. Intake manifold made of rubber resistant to high temperatures, hydrocarbons and deformation, and calibrated to ensure support to the carburetor and dampen vibrations. This prevents the risk of intake emulsions inside the carburetor chamber that are responsible for changing the stoichiometric air-petrol ratio and risk of engine failure. Coupling of high precision components and an excellent seal is guaranteed by the specially designed lip.