Vespa Ciao Malossi 47mm D.E.P.S. Cylinder Kit - 12 Pin

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Probably the hottest Ciao kit on the market. We're not going to try to explain what Malossi already explains so well. 

From Malossi themselves-

"After much success with Piaggio crankcases, Malossi completes the task: Aluminium Ø47 BIG D.E.P.S. Cylinder and Head Kits are now available again!

Threaded type exhaust header offers two major advantages:

  • Increased strength and the possibility for replacement due to failure
  • Possibility to increase the exhaust size hence increasing the performance

These results are possible due to a smaller decompression valve, compared to the Piaggio original, which is supplied with the kit.

Centred, hemispherical combustion chamber.

Malossi aluminium BIG D.E.P.S. cylinder kits are the best balance between component performance and component durability! The BIG D.E.P.S. are designed and manufactured with the specific objective of obtaining high combustion efficiency, long life, and a reliability that suits the Malossi name. 


Made of the same high-strength aluminium alloy as our racing cylinders and nickel-chrome coating. The central core profile has been revamped around the ports to increase the heat exchange surface and improve the air cooling flow, allowing the fresh air to enter the combustion chamber at optimal temperature and pressure conditions, thus improving the volumetric efficiency of the engine. There is a support surface in the front part of the cylinder that has been machined and finished with high-precision tools, with four threaded holes required to connect it to the pipe assembly.

The most significant innovation is the brand-new design of the internal ports, specifically developed to flush the cylinder, maximising the power to the correct running speed. This has led to a significant increase in performance over the entire engine operating range, improving the performance and torque output, without sacrificing greater temperature control in the combustion chamber, thus preventing overheating. 


The new 2018 range features improved interchangeability, producing a series with pistons with Ø 10 pin (if the user wants to keep his own standard crankshaft or mount the Malossi 53 7313) and a series with pistons with Ø 12 pin for highstrength crankshafts such as the Malossi 53 1802 RHQ.


The gasket set comes with a new 0.5 mm head gasket, no longer in aluminium but in ANNEALED COPPER: a material with a higher thermal transmission coefficient than aluminium, allowing a greater quantity of heat to be transmitted from the combustion chamber to the cooling fins and thus, maintaining more control over temperatures in the chamber. A greater permeability to the flow of heat also prevents the risk of the gasket overheating, resulting in improved durability, also avoiding oil leakage from the head. The basic gasket has been designed to fit to the new cylinder shape, dictated by the revamped ports and comes in three different thicknesses, allowing the user to choose compression ratios other than those recommended and thus, obtain different engine calibrations based on use and personal experience.


The connection to the silencer is via a fitting fixed by a flange, connected to a specially designed cylinder profile, and secured with four screws. By adopting this solution, just like with racing cylinders, it was possible to solve all the problems of loosening due to vibrations, regardless of the power reached. The new flange, made of burnished steel, has two spring anchoring flaps to connect hand-crafted silencers without having to make holes in the cylinder fins. The O-ring, placed on the connecting wall of the fitting, creates an excellent seal and prevents any oil residue from leaking out of the cylinder exhaust. Each kit comes with two different pipes: one for assembling the original silencers or with the same coupling size and a bigger one both inside and out, to create a bottleneck-free exhaust which, when connected to high-performing silencers, allows you to achieve greater power and torque.


Technical data

  • Split exhaust port
  • Symmetrical transfer ports
  • Centred, hemispherical combustion chamber
  • Smaller decompression valve
  • Six transfer porting system
  • Gravity casted cylinders utilizing permanent steel molds
  • Hardened and tempered high silicon aluminium alloy
  • Machined on numerically controlled high precision machining centres
  • Cylinder liners are silicon carbide coated with a galvanic nickel matrix and diamond cross-honed to achieve very tight tolerances
  • Heat exchange surfaces redesigned
  • Exhaust and transfer ports designed and tested for maximum thermodynamic performance
  • High strength cast iron rings, wear resistant chrome coated, ground and lapped
  • Quality inspected for surface roughness and form
  • Cylinder/ Piston matched sets selected for 0.010-0.005 mm fit
  • 100% pressure checked
  • 2 exhaust connectings: oversized Ø 27 - standard Ø 22

Cylinder and head kit BIG D.E.P.S.: the perfect match for Malossi's crankcase!"

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