Vespa Ciao Polini 43mm "65cc" Racing Cylinder - 12 Pin

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43mm "65cc" cylinder kit for Vespa Ciao mopeds. This will fit all the Vespa mopeds but will have the smaller Ciao head. 

The racing version includes auxiliary exhaust ports and increase port timing. This takes the standard 65cc Polini and turns it up a notch. 

Cast iron cylinder. 2 ring piston. Head features a centered spark plug. 

Includes cylinder, piston, rings, pin/clips, gaskets, and head. Does NOT include a new compression valve. 

This is the 12mm version!!! You must measure the wrist pin of your current crank to be sure which size you need. They come in 12mm and 10mm versions. You can also purchase a matching 12mm crankshaft and make your engine like new!