Universal Front Wiring Harness

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New old stock, universal wiring harness for mopeds. This covers all of your basic wiring for the front half of your bike.

This includes a CEV on/off switch as well as a CEV light and horn switch. It also has wiring attached for brake switches on both sides. There are also terminals to hook up a horn as well as power both the head light and speedometer back-light. 

There will be a little plug and play going on depending on what bike you are hooking this up to. 

Red will be for spark. Yellow will power your lights. Black will power your horn. Blue is for brake lights. Grey is to be grounded. 

The wiring for the back half is up to you. These are original universal wiring kits from the old days. These are really for stators with 3 or more coils (ignition, lights, brake light) but we're sure with a little creativity you can make them work on 2 coil setups.