Suzuki FM50 FA50 45mm Parmakit Cylinder Kit

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Suzuki FM50 45mm aluminum kit from Parmakit!

Nikasil plated cylinder with 7 transfer windows. High quality single ring piston. Basically a 45mm version of the Honda Parmakit. This is the next step in Suzuki tuning. 

This kit is for the Suzuki FM50. Technically not for FA50 or FZ50. You can make it fit an FA50 with just a little effort though. The stud pattern is the same and the wrist pin to crown distance is correct. The biggest issue is the exhaust mounts a little different. No big deal but its not a simple bolt-n-go kit. You'll have to get a little creative with your pipe. Totally worth it though as this is probably the fastest kit for your Suzuki that fits this easily. 

Exhaust studs measure 58mm from center to center and are m8 studs as opposed to the FA50's m6 studs. 

Comes with cylinder, piston, ring, pin/clips, and gasket kit.