Suzuki FA50 DOS Pipe

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A new option for Suzuki FA50 owners!!

This is a bolt-on performance exhaust for FA50. 25.5mm ID header and features a removable aluminum silencer. The pipe is constructed of steel with a clear coat to preserve the finish. If you have a Suzuki moped, this is the pipe you want.  

Mounts to the cylinder and crankcase for a simple installation. We recommend mounting the header first! You may have to move around some of the hose guides on the ignition side. In some instances, we have seen that the rear bracket needs a notch cut to fit around the engine case. 

Pairs perfectly with the cast-iron kit!

Ships default with the standard Silver baffle. Choose a different color baffle for only $5.00 more!

***Baffle will NOT have a DOS decal applied on the shipped exhaust. 


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