Schimmel Engineering ZA70 Billet Case Set V-1.0

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Perhaps one of the wildest new Puch parts to ever come out. Schimmel Engineering introduces the new Puch ZA70 engine. Born from a love of ZA50 engines but modernized and made better for 2024. 

These 6 part cases are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum then anodized in a jet black finish. 

You will receive a set of cases, hardware set, complete gasket kit, drill guide, seal saver install aid, and center stand adapter. 

You will need a complete donor ZA50 to assemble this engine. It is designed to work with all of the stock internal pieces. All of the functionality of your original ZA50 will remain but barriers to performance builds are removed. Assembly is simplified and shimming made easy. 

Some minor modifications are required to the stock internals but all of that is addressed in the INCREDIBLY DETAILED assembly instructions. These cases are likely the most well documented moped part we have ever seen. Take a look at them HERE! 


Benefits to these cases include but are not limited to: 

• Easier shimming of critical axial play measurements on helical gear train

• Increased mating surface area for mating 47mm+ bore cylinders (will accept Gilardoni 74cc with no machining)

• Undrilled stud pattern for use of other bolt patterns beside 44mm square (stock puch)

• Case induction designed around common Honda Dio blocks

• Transmission cooling fins

• Generally stronger case set

• 16100 case cover bearing replaced with 6200 bearing

• 16101 case cover bearing remains compatible (30mm OD works for injected or premix


• Magneto two piece bearings (L17 and E20) replaced with one piece bearings

• Will fit up to a 23t front sprocket with no case grinding

Schimmel Engineering recommends the following parts and advice:

• Dio reed block and intake 

• Vforce V364A reeds - We paired the intake and reeds HERE!

• OKO or Mikuni 35mm spigot mount (works with dio reed block as stock)

• 22x35 gearing with 17in rims or higher (keep revs to 9000 rpm or less)

• Strong midrange pipe - high rpm not recommended

• 10w-40 motorcycle oil for transmission or higher/thicker weight. Do not use oils with friction modifiers (must be for wet clutch).