Schimmel Engineering Puch ZA50 Performance Billet Transmission Cover

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New for Puch ZA50! This cover is comprised of two pieces of billet 6061-T6 aluminum that integrates with the stock cases seamlessly and perfectly aligns with the stock dowel pins. 

These are much stronger than the original cast covers so no worries about blowing a bearing through these. Finned outer cover is designed to help dissipate heat. It also looks pretty cool. 

Comes with all of the necessary hardware to install. Shimming the transmission is absolutely required for installation. Fortunately, these even come with plastigauge! 

The 16100 bearing is replaced with a 6200 bearing. A 6200 or 16101 can be used depending on which shaft you have. This allows the covers to be compatible with injected and non-injected engines.

**These are for the more common ZA50 engines with the oil fill hole on top. If your ZA50 has a black cover with a fill hole on the cover itself, these are not a fit. 

***The edges of the cooling fins can be SHARP. Be careful when handling this cover.