Puch Sprinter Exhaust

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WOW these things are pretty!

Big pipe for racers only!

This exhaust was designed with power house kits in mind. Set up for flat port exhaust, this will also work with an angle port exhaust if a rear bracket is made. Really, depending on your setup, you're probably adapting a rear bracket anyways. 

The header is spring mount for easy removal and a little flexibility on mounting. The flange really only fits the Gilardoni without modification. To fit on flat port cylinders, you're going to have to trim some fins out of the way. Really though, this pipe would only be suited for a Polini or Athena reed setup. 

This exhaust is 100mm wide at its widest section. The header is 27mm inner diameter. 

Comes with exhaust, springs, flange mount, and one of the nicest baffles you'll ever see on a moped.

**You will have to lose your center stand. You will not be able to pedal. This is for race bikes. No returns because of fitment. You may have to make small modifications to your bike or cylinder to fit this pipe but woo wee its worth it.**

***These are raw. There is no clear coat applied. We have oiled them to protect them but expect a little minor surface rust in a few spots from their travels.***