Puch Metrakit 43.5mm "65cc" Big Fin Cylinder Kit

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Vintage, long discontinued, and new old stock Metrakit for Puch! Rarely seen 65cc big fin kit. 

Case iron bore with a 2-ring piston should offer a long and reliable life. The large cooling fins on the cylinder and head will shed heat easily. Angled exhaust port measures 26mm at the exit. Intake measures 21mm at the opening. 

This is an older cylinder kit. That means it isn't as shiny as a brand new kit. It also means the mating surfaces are still nice compared to the later Metrakits. 

This cylinder kit is designed for the Puch Monza and Condor. It WILL fit an E50 or ZA50 but you will have to bore your cases to fit this. The skirt measures 50.4mm OD. It isn't a difficult process and is totally worth it to rip on a vintage kit. 

Comes with a cylinder, head, piston, pin/clips, rings, intake, and gasket set.