Puch Hero 43.5mm "65cc" Cylinder Kit

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65cc Hero kit for Puch mopeds. Awesome kit for the money if you know how to set it up. This isn't a bolt and go kit. 

The transfers are MASSIVE. Depending on which cases you have, you're probably going to run out of case material trying to match the transfers. This is not a pretty kit. They require a fair bit of cleanup. Have a good file ready for this one. All of the ports need to be smoothed and shaped. They may not be symmetrical. Probably not the best choice for first timers. If you are willing to put in the effort, you will have a reliable and fast Puch. 

Both the intake and exhaust ports are angled on this cylinder. Normal Puch intakes will not fit this kit. 

This kit is cheap and can be troublesome if you are unaware of what it takes to set up. We will not be taking returns on these. Please do your research so you are very aware of what it takes to get these running. 

Comes with cylinder, piston, rings, pin/clips. These do NOT include gaskets. Sorry!

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