Puch E50 Mr. CooL ICE Transmission Cooler

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The sweetest of new candy for your Puch E50. The official Mr. CooL ICE transmission cooler. Brought to you by the minds at Pike Cycles in Allston, MA.

Scientifically proven to reduce clutch temps which both prolong clutch life and significantly improve clutch grab. Clutch fade is a thing of the past!

Pro-tip: use an M4 tap to thread the case vent on the back of your E50. Plug that hole and then you can overfill your transmission. 

This kit includes the finned cover and cooler ring plus hardware. The cooler ring has a threaded hole for filling and installing the overflow nipple. With your case vent plugged and the overflow nipple fed to a catch bottle, you can run well over 300ml of fluid.

Designed with racing in mind, this cover has no feature for starting your moped. You will need to use a pull start or some other method of starting your bike. We believe in you. You will also need either a pedal shaft from a ZA50 powered Maxi or a standard Magnum pedal shaft for your right pedal to clear this cooler. Pegs work too! 

Comes with everything pictured. This kit does not include gaskets. You can use stock E50 transmission gaskets between the engine, cooler ring, and cover.