Puch DOS Circuit Exhaust

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All the blasty performance of a Proma Circuit but at an even more affordable price. This is the most commonly used pipe for Puch here in Atlanta. Excellent choice for stock or kitted bikes. Its a perfect first upgrade if you're still riding a stock bike and think you might want to add a cylinder kit later.  

Designed for Puch Maxi and similar models. If you have a stock Magnum, you'll have to modify your header and make a simple bracket for the rear. 

This is also one of our favorite pipes to mod onto other bikes. We've modified these for Garelli NOI, Yamah QT, Minarelli V1, and a ton of oddball euro bikes.  Check the photos to see Tyler's more extreme mod of this pipe on an Eurokit 47mm powered Maxi. 

If you aren't already aware, watch the baffle on this or really any circuit pipe. They like to come off over time. Some riders like to add a small tack weld to secure the baffle. We prefer to spring mount. You might get lucky without either though. It does happen.