Puch Con Rod Kit for E50 and ZA50

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Connecting rod for pressing into a crankshaft for Puch E50 and ZA50 for 12mm wrist pin.

This has the 16mm big end pin!!! Most stock Puch have 14mm. Many aftermarket crankshafts and Hero crankshafts have the 16mm pin. Please check before purchasing. This will likely not fit your 70s or 80s Puch E50 or ZA50 with stock crankshaft.

Connecting rod is 90mm on center from eyelet to eyelet.

Big pin is 16.0mm in diameter and 33.8mm wide. 

Big end bearing is 16.0mm x 20.5mm x 9.7mm 

Wrist pin bearing is 12mm x 15mm x 14.5mm