Puch 12v CDI Cross Country Set

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New 12v CDI for Puch mopeds with a DC output for charging a battery or whatever you want to do with that. Lots of fun options there. Trying to charge a GPS? Want to run a bunch of LED lights? Maybe you just like having more wires crowding up your stock Bing. 

A couple things to know though. The wiring connector supplied on these doesn't really fit through the stock Puch wiring hole. So you're going to have to cut that off and replace it. The flywheel sits a little taller and seems to hit the ignition cover. Also, the coils are really close to the mounting slots so you might have to install the plate first then install the coils. If you can handle that, you get a big spark, bright lights, and DC output. 

This ignition sticks out further than most ignitions. In order to keep a flywheel cover on, you'll have to add the Moped Factory Flywheel Cover Spacer.