Peugeot Simonini 46mm Liquid Cooled Vintage Cylinder Kit

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We're betting you haven't seen one of these before. Vintage Simonini liquid cooled kit. Stealth mode with cooling fins. Long discontinued and incredibly hard to find. We've been hoarding these for some time but we think we'll survive letting one or two go. Maybe just one? We'll see how much it hurts to say goodbye. 

Aluminum with nikasil plating. 2 ring piston that is covered in windows. Head has a hole for a decomp. You'll also have to find a thread in nipple for the hose fittings. A little work sure but the reward of blasting on a vintage and very pretty cylinder should be worth it. Probably not the best choice for your first Peugeot. 

Comes with cylinder, head, piston, rings, pin, and clips. Everything pictured.


You'll have to track down your own o-ring to seal up the outer edge of the head. A standard fiber head gasket will work fine on the inner mating surface. Peugeot used the metal/fiber head gaskets on their liquid cooled SPX/RCX- at least the ones we've had. 

Should work great on a 103, SPX, RCX, Vogue, Fox, or Honda Wallaroo.