Peugeot 103 Selettra CDI

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Selettra CDI for Peugeot mopeds! Awesome inner-rotor racing ignition for any Peugeot using the 103 family of engines. This only fits small taper cranks!!! 

This does not have lights! Battery and LED tech is pretty good though so not the end of the world. A couple locals in Atlanta are running these with a battery pack for lights and its a breeze to charge them when parked at home.

This is a high quality ignition capable of reliable spark up to 27,000 RPM (let us know when you get there). Comes with a sweet set of directions too. Read below for an excerpt.

From Italkit: "The electronic inner-rotor digital ignition (red coil P3356) has been developed by our technical and tested in bank of power with diverse motors, to obtain the best power and ignition curve to adapt in all engines, getting a moment of inertia favourable in all band R.P.M., overcoming in 2 CV at least.

The Ignition is prepared to work around 27,000 R.P.M. We recommend fit it without any reference with the shaft key.

This ignition can be work in every engine, for engines with clockwise and anticlockwise direction"