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Now available for the first time in the US, the Motogac Kanowey from 1992. 

Motogac for a long time used Motobecane engines to power their bikes. Later on and into the 90's, they replaced them with their own engines. The Kanowey engine is very similar to the Morini M101. It is a case-inducted, reed-valve, dual variated engine with a strong sparking CDI and chain final drive. 

These are very quick bikes in stock form and can easily cruise in the high 30's to even 40mph depending on rider weight. The dual-variated transmission means it gets there surprisingly fast. 

This bike has a neat little toolbox under the seat next to the fuel tank. Did we mention it has a low fuel warning light? Because it does. Now you can switch to reserve before the bike runs out of fuel. 

The seat itself has a lock. Unfortunately the key has been lost. The previous owner remedied this will a pull release on the mechanism that works nicely. 

Performance parts are a little scarce. The carburetor is a Dellorto SHA type so that is straight forward. Airsal used to manufacture cylinder kits for these. They look to be essentially a Morini M1 kit with a spacer. We've seen Derbi kits with a spacer also in Airsal packaging that are labeled for these bikes. We are working to source both as well as Metrakit exhausts. 

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