Motobecane Moby X7

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Motobecane Moby X7! Tiny wheels, folding bars, and French engine technology. Powered by an av7 single speed engine with Novi points ignition. This bike is about as original as it gets. The nicest part about this bike is plastics. While they've seen a little sun and the decals aren't the best- they are straight and true with no cracks and all original hardware.

This X7 also runs pretty well. The engine is all original and unmodified. It is only missing an ignition cover. The lights work on this bike. There is an unusual dial knob on the bars, not really sure what it does but it is pretty neat. The brakes could use some help. The rear stops it but the front doesn't feel like it does a whole lot anymore. 

Please read the FAQ page and examine all photos closely before completing your purchase. Don't hesitate to send us an email through the contact page if you have any questions regarding the X7. 

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