Motobecane Doppler ER3 Variator - Clutch Function for Kickstart

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Everyone's favorite go-to variator for Motobecane av7 and av10 powered mopeds. Fantastic variator for any setup! These are easy to tune, lightweight, and solid performers. 

What is the clutch function? Its a little bearing that sits inside the variator that the belt rides on at idle. When you give it gas, the cheeks pinch the belt and off you go!

This variator is ideal if you have a kickstart Motobecane. That's a rare find though so you'll have to rig up a pull start. Another method some prefer is you wedge a piece of cardboard in the variator to force the cheeks to pinch the belt and then push start your moped. Either way, you won't be able to start your Moby without using one of these methods. 


Doppler part number 292536