Motobecane av10 MVT 39mm "50cc" Cylinder Kit with Head

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Newly produced race tech for av10 powered mopeds!

From MVT is a 50cc true race cylinder. This might be the hottest 50cc cylinder available for mopeds right now. 

Incredibly large transfers. Aluminum, nikasil plated cylinder. Auxiliary exhaust ports. Coated, single ring piston. Counter-sunk o-ring head. Base spacer and gasket set. Large head for really shedding heat. 

This is a really great value for a cylinder and head bundle that's ready to compete. 

Comes with cylinder, piston, ring, pin/clips, head, o-ring, base spacer, gasket set. 

**Notice on the piston that the manufacturer relocated the ring pin. On some, not all, the ring catches just a little where the old pin was located. You might have to gently file this area for the ring to seat properly.

***The included piston uses a 12mm wrist pin. You will need to use a 12x16 needle bearing. We use a 12x16x16 in ours.