Motobecane AV10 JD Racing 15-19mm Competition G1 Carbon Reed Petals - 0.35mm

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One of the nicest reeds we have ever seen for AV10 engines. Wow!

You're going to have to open up the stock AV10 cases just a little to get these to fit. 

From JD Racing themselves-

- The valve is as close as possible to your crankshaft thus limiting dead volumes - Racing Carbon sipe 0.35 JDR High Quality.

- The thickness of the base has been reduced to 3mm to shorten the length of the tubing.

- The fixing center distance of the valve is identical to that of the original MBK51 housings, the real shape of the original valve

- Its venturized design is ideal for a 15 to 19mm PHBG carburetor

- The flow circulation is optimized by the large opening surface, as well as the ultra thin separation bar

- Surface treatment: Hard anodization Black

- Beveled steel lamella retaining plates to avoid the cutting effect

- Countersunk steel screw You can adapt any PHBG or Polini CP carburetor to it

Useful dimensions (valve only): - Width (lam. 21.5mm- ut height ile: 38mm - Base thickness: 3mm On original MBK casings, a slight modification is to be expected at the intake in order to accommodate the slat screws. Carbon slats dimensions: 22mm x 38mm