Morini Metrakit Muffler Racing Exhaust

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Another Metrakit exhaust option for Morini fans.

This particular pipe is for the M101 powered Suzuki Maxi but there is nothing stopping you from using this on your M01, M02, M1, etc powered moped.

As typical, these engines were used on a ton of frames so there is no doubt you will have to get creative with the rear mount. That is of course unless you are putting this on a Suzuki Maxi then it is a direct fit!

This exhaust is very much like the MK3 we carry but with the rear mount moved further back. Yes, these do have the extended header into the belly of the exhaust.

From what we've learned, the MK3 version is for Puch badged Maxis and this version is suited for the Suzuki badged versions. Both exhausts are designed for the Morini M101 though. Neither are for the E50 powered Puch Maxi. Sorry!


These are new old stock but still very old. All have minor imperfections like a scratch, smudged decal, or a little ding or there.