Morini M01/M02 DOS 42mm Cylinder Kit

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New cast-iron DOS 42mm cylinder kit for piston port Morini engines like the M01, M02, M03, and M04.

Designed to play nicely with the stock style intakes. Single dykes ring piston. Classic port map with 2 boost ports. This cylinder is perfect for waking up that tired old Morini engine. 

The diameter of the cylinder skirt on these is 45.8mm so it should fit most engine cases. Some earlier Morini engines had a smaller opening in their cases so it is a good idea to check first. The transfers are also larger than the stock Morini cylinder. On some engines, the mating area can be quite thin. You may find adding a little material for a good seal is a good idea.

Comes with cylinder, piston, ring, pin/clips, and gasket kit.