Morini Eurocilindro 45mm Reed Valve Kit for m01/m02 - NO INTAKE

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These no longer include the intake!


Probably the baddest kit out there for Morini piston port engines like the m01/m02. Not for beginners! This kit will require, at a minimum, significant case boring. 

This 45mm cylinder kit is as big as it gets for Morini. Reed valve intake opens up a world of porting options. Single, dykes ring piston. If you can make this fit, it should be a total blast. 

These come with the reed valve again!

You will need to either make a modification to the cylinder or the reed valve for them to fit together. The screws holding the reeds in place are just a tad too large to fit into the cylinder. Nothing that can't be done with a file or rotary tool. 

Comes with cylinder, piston, pin/clips, ring, intake, reed valve and gasket set.