Minarelli V1 Parmakit 48mm "80cc" Cylinder Kit

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 The 48mm Parmakit for Minarelli V1. Another exclusive DOS offer. 100% made in Italy and includes a complete gasket kit!

Very similar design to the common Polini but with taller transfers and a slightly larger exhaust port. We're really excited to make this kit available.  

Solid cast iron. Two ring piston. Get replacement RINGS HERE!


PLEASE READ- These are old inventory and the casting is not the best. On top of that, the remaining inventory is the worst so far. Many of these kits will likely need to be honed prior to running and have jagged ports. Some even have small casting bubbles in the bore. These kits still need to be spaced out ~1.5mm to stop the piston from hitting the head. Because of this, for the remaining stock ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you are looking for a bolt on kit, we would strongly recommend staying with the our DOS kit, Polini kit or perhaps one of the vintage DR kits. 


Comes with cylinder, piston, rings, pin/clips, and gasket set.  



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