Malossi MHR Digitronic for Inner Rotor CDI

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New replacement CDI box for the Malossi MHR inner rotor ignition. Can this be used for other ignitions? Maybe, but no promises. 

This box includes the following features - 

  • Variable spark advance.
  • System based on an uP STM8 - 8 bit microprocessor with a processing speed of 20MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second).
  • Reduced processing time, improved spark advance precision and stability.
  • Hardware architecture with improved immunity to interferences.
  • Temperature class 105°C cable.
  • Vector spark advance tables comprised of 24 breakpoints with linear interpolation.

Spare part for the following Malossi ignitions: 5514688-5514689-5514690-5514691-5515001-5515002-5515003-5516771

Malossi 5514398