Italian 42.5mm Rear Sprockets for Morini, Minarelli, Garelli, Sachs and More

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New old stock, original rear sprockets for so many mopeds!

These can be found on Minarellis, Morinis, Garellis, or Sachs. You may find these on many other models as well.

The center hole is 42.5mm in diameter.

The bolt holes, are 66mm on center from across the center hole.

For 415 chain which is what basically every moped uses.

Compare to your original sprocket to be sure this is the one you need. Most common moped sprockets are either 39.5mm or 42.5mm. These are 42.5mm.

Color may vary between silver, grey, or black. Depending on size, they may or may not have cutouts like in the photograph. Smaller sizes are usually a solid piece.