HPI Mini Rotor CDI for Peugeot 103 - LARGE Taper

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HPI mini rotor CDI for Peugeot 103 engines. This is for the stock style large taper crankshaft! Not for smal taper crankshafts!

Unlike the internal rotor HPI, this setup comes with a built in 60w lighting coil.

A good lighting coil, ignition curve, and you can adjust the stator without pulling the flywheel. Its a pretty great setup.

We recommend using a resistor boot or resistor plug as well as a voltage regulator for your lights.

Stator color and mounting plate may vary. Usually they are red, black, or gold. We don't get to choose.

Comes with stator, mounting plate, flywheel, cdi box, coil, and mounting hardware. 

You will need a 27mm x 1mm left hand thread puller to remove the flywheel.