Honda PA50 CDI

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We are having a special on these. You will still receive the stator, flywheel,  CDI box, and the spare cam. 

Affordable CDI for Honda PA50/Hobbit/Camino. If you're tired of resetting your points and just want a CDI that both sparks and offers bright lights. This setup can be used with many different boxes but the one included works just fine. You'll have to connect some wires to the box in order to wire it in but its not terribly hard. 

Comes with stator, CDI box, flywheel, ht coil and a new cam. Some insight can be found on how to get started here!

Extra tip! In some cases, we've heard the stator plate is a little thick and can cause your coils to rub the flywheel. Check for rubbing before starting. If that is the case, you can file off a little material from the back of the stator mounts. Others report reusing the stock Honda cam also fixes the issue.

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