Honda Hobbit Cross Country CDI Adapter Deluxe Pack

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We've partnered with the engineers at Moped Factory to bring a game changing new part to Honda Hobbits. Modern CDI technology is now easily achievable.

This is the deluxe pack of the new Cross Country CDI adapter. This package allows you to install the Cross Country CDI on to your Honda Hobbit, Camino, Pa50. Cleverly designed with a factory like seal retainer and factory woodruff key positioning for easy timing. 

This package includes the stator adapter, mounting spacers, mounting hardware for both the adapter and the Cross Country stator, ignition cover spacers, and a nice little wiring grommet. 

The anodized coating on some of these can make for a pretty tight fit on the seal retainer on some engines for the first couple of installs. Install it as is or you can dress the area a little bit if preferred.