Garelli NOI Malossi 44.5mm "70cc" Cylinder Kit

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Garelli NOI Malossi 44.5mm 70cc cylinder kit. OPEN BOX and Discontinued. 

We have a very limited supply of these discontinued cylinder kits. Once they're gone, they're gone! These are open box and are missing some items that they would have originally come with. These are also quite old at this point. Some minor surface rust in spots may be present. Nothing a little rag and polish won't clean up. All are great, they just don't have that brand new shine anymore. The one in the photos is a prime example.

You will receive exactly what is pictured and nothing else. No gaskets, no reed valve. You will receive a cylinder, piston, rings, wristpin/clips, SHA intake, and 4 Allen bolts. 

These are the Benelli G2 cylinders that were reworked by Malossi to fit the Garelli NOI engine. Neat!  Cast iron cylinder. 2 ring piston. 

No returns, refunds, or exchanges on these. 

Need a replacement piston? Check here!

Malossi part number 314248.AO