Garelli 3 Speed Engine

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Very rare 3 speed engine for Garelli mopeds. Build the shifty you always dreamed of!

We can't guarantee but we do believe this engine has never been used. If it has, it has seen an insignificant amount of use. The exhaust port is free of carbon or burnt oil. The bottom of the engine is very clean. There is some light oil and dust on the top that cleans off easily with a rag. The sprocket looks brand new. 

Manual clutch and cable shift 3 speed with NOI style cylinder. Also has a Ducati CDI but does not include the CDI box. These are pretty universal though. 

We have not opened this engine. We can confirm that it kick overs smoothly. It click between all three gears and neutral is easy to find. 

The distance from center to center of the top engine mounts is about 24 cm. The distance from the top rear mount to the bottom rear mount is about 10 cm. Each mount is about 8 cm wide. 

This engine is sold as-is. We have not opened this engine. Please ask any questions prior to purchasing as there is no returns on this engine.