DOS SIX Roller Variator for Derbi and Honda Mopeds

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New DOS SIX Roller variator for Derbi mopeds! This is designed to fit your Flatreed, Piston Port, or Pyramid Reed engine. Also fits Honda Hobbit/PA50II

Simple bolt on upgrade for any setup. Will work great for mild stock setups all the way up to the hottest blasters built. 6 roller design allows multiple tuning options over a 3 roller setup. 

Aluminum cast variator and stamped steel ramp plate.  This setup comes with a brass center bushing and new plastic guides. Also included is a new rear contra spring!

The 6 included rollers are 18 x 14 and weigh 4 grams each. You can use 16 x 13 weights in this setup if needed. 

All of the parts are interchangeable with your old Derbi factory 6 roller variator or TJT setup. You may find the variator guides need minimal adjusting to drop into a TJT. 

Installation on Honda Hobbit is the same as installing a factory Derbi 6 Roller or TJT. The center it larger than Honda so make sure the nut is installed tightly. The included spring is for Derbi mopeds and probably not too useful for your Honda. 

Comes with 1 variator, 1 ramp plate, 3 guides, 6 weights, and 1 spring.

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