DOS Multi Meter Tuner Special

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A new option in on board moped computing. 

This handy little thing is feature rich!

It measures your head temp at the plug, it counts your RPMs, and has an hours meter so you know how long its been since you built your bike. 

Most importantly though, it has a BACKLIT DISPLAY and REPLACEABLE BATTERY!!! 

Pretty easy to setup with the included instruction. You can choose things like degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can configure it from 2 stroke single cylinder all the way up to 4 stroke 8 cylinder for the RPM counter. You can set maintenance reminders for various amount of hours operated. You can set a max temperature alert as well as a max RPM alert. 

 Oh, and it has a detachable cable so if you accidentally twist off the plug attachment, the whole thing isn't garbage. You can also attach a different accessory for water-cooled setups. More on that later!