Derbi Revolution J.Costa Pro Transversal Variator

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J.Costa Pro transversal variator for Derbi Start III and Start V engines! 

From J.Costa:

What is a transversal variator?

It is the less known but more efficient of the two, since it simplifies the operation and improves the features or benefits that a conventional one can offer.

In contrast to a conventional variator, in the transversal variator (also known as Axial transmission or Axial variator) does not have rollers but masses. The masses are counterweights made of Kevlar and a plastic compound that have a similar function to the rollers.

In this case, instead of the rollers moving longitudinally, the masses move transversely, applying force on the bell of the variator and causing it to move to open or close the variator.

The bell in a transverse variator is a key element, since it replaces the function performed by the ramps. The correct operation of the variator requires a correctly calibrated bell.