Derbi Flat Reed Metrakit 43.5mm "65cc" Kit - Cast Iron

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Original and vintage cast iron Metrakit for Derbi Flat Reed engines. These are long discontinued and hard to come by. 

43.5mm "65cc" kit. 2 ring piston. Not only does this kit feature a ton of ports, it even has reservoirs below the ports for oil to pool up. One on either side of the transfers and one directly below the exhaust. This is supposed to ensure your piston stays well lubricated a cool. 

These are pretty old. They don't have that new kit shine. The gaskets might have a wrinkle. But they are good to go. Still, no returns or exchanges on these. Once they're gone, they're gone. 

Comes with cylinder, piston, rings, pin/clips, gasket set, and intake!