Dellorto 6mm Main Jet

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6mm main jet for some Dellorto carburetors. Click the drop-down menu to select the size you want. 

For mopeds, these are found in the stock carburetor on Bye Bikes and later model Tomos with the A55 engine. 

They are also the main jet for the following carburetors:

PHBH 26mm - 30mm

PHBL 20mm - 26mm

PHBN 12mm - 17.5mm

PHF 30mm - 36mm

PHM 38mm - 41mm

PHVA 12mm - 17.5mm

PHVB 18mm - 22mm

VHSA 28mm + 32mm,

VHSH 30mm + 32mm

VHBT 27mm - 30mm

VHSB 34mm - 39mm

PHBE 30mm - 38mm