Motobecane AV10 JD Racing 19-21mm Competition G2 Carbon Reed Petals - 0.35mm

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Big reed for big carbs on stock cases. An improved reed design new for 2021. 

Looks like you'll be machining down the intake surface of your AV10 cases by 3mm to use this reed. 

From JD Racing themselves:

The JDR valve takes up the basics of the Bidalot label valve used in G2 race in the 90s, and we perfected it with better materials, improved design down to the last detail, very high quality slats custom made by a global player in 2T competing engines.

New version 2021 including 2 holes for centering pins Ø2.5- Height of 35mm for casings resurfaced by 3mm at the intake. The JDR valve comes as close as possible to your crankshaft thus limiting dead volumes.

- Racing Carbon Sipes 0.35 JDR High Quality 

- The thickness of the base has been reduced to 3mm to shorten the total length of the tubing

- The valve fixing center distance is identical to that of the original MBK51 housings, the actual shape of the original valve has been re grip for a neat aesthetic.

- Its venturized design is ideal for a 19mm PHBG carburetor.

- The flow circulation is optimized by the large opening surface, as well as the ultra thin separation bar.

- Surface treatment: Hard anodization Black

- 2 plates (70350) for maintaining the beveled steel slats to avoid the cutting effect.

- 4 stainless steel countersunk head screws

We recommend with this 22.5mm valve: - The carburettor PHBG 19BD for a vented admission - The carburetor PHBG 21BD for a non-vented intake

Useful dimensions (valve only): - Width (bearing of the blades): 25mm - Useful height: 35mm - Base thickness: 3mm Carbon slats dimensions: 25mm x 36mm